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About Us


To set a new standard of tuning support and file delivery by providing our network of dealers and consumers tunes promptly while offering world-class support.

Why was Same Day Tuning started?

Same Day Tuning was started to fill the gap in the industry of wait time. We read about so many complaints from dealers and consumers about downtime, and how long it was taking for their tuner to get them their tune. We stepped up to the plate as we knew our team could meet the demand of "wanting it now" in the online world. This is also viewed as the "Amazon Effect".

This offers the ability for shop owners to get their customer's trucks on the road a lot quicker than it would normally take, along with allowing minimal downtime for the consumer.


Tunes are developed by an engineer who has worked closely with major brands such as Dodge, Ford, and GM as well as assisted with the development of code with several aftermarket companies such as SCT, HP tuners, EFI Live, etc. Tunes are tried and tested on thousands of trucks and cars every year. If an issue happens to arise, we are readily available to assist and walk you through trouble-shooting, even during off-hours.

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