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SDT Tuning

2007 - 2021 Ram Cummins 2500 3500 4500 5500 | MM3

2007 - 2021 Ram Cummins 2500 3500 4500 5500 | MM3

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Tuning Benefits:

  • Increase in Mileage
  • Increase in Horsepower
  • Increase in Torque
  • Off Road Tuning Capable (EGR/DPF remove)

Compatible Vehicles:

  • 2007 - 2021 Ram Cummins 2500 3500 4500 5500
    • Pickups and Cab Chassis/Incomplete Trucks

Compatible Transmissions:

  • Auto 68RFE (Found in auto based 2500 Pickups)
  • Auto Aisin (Found in auto based 3500/4500/5500 Pickups and Cab Chassis/Incomplete Trucks)
  • Manual G56


  • All vehicle and transmission tuning requires a MM3 Device + Licensing for deployment, unless the individual already has a MM3 Device and the appropriate Licensing.
  • Currently for this platform we are only accepting Aftermarket Tuning Modifications for an Aftermarket Turbo.

Tune Power Level 

  • Stock (Optimized)
  • 30HP (Heavy Tow)
  • 80HP (Light Tow - 12k Lbs and under)
  • 150HP
  • 180HP
  • 200HP

CSP5 Tune comes with Switchable Tuning for the 2007 - 2021 Cummins 2500/3500/4500/5500, the CSP5 Tune comes with 5 Switchable Tune Power Levels (30HP, 80HP, 150HP, 180HP, 200HP).  With the CSP5 Tune user(s) can choose between the power levels by a touch of the screen on the MM3 Device or by installing a physical CSP4/CSP5 OBDII Passthrough Switch.

Single HP Tune comes with a Single HP Tune, select your preferred HP Power Level in the Select Single Tune HP Power Level field. 

    Transmission Tuning (Available Only on 68RFE Transmission)

    • Earlier Converter Lockup
    • Increased Line Pressure
    • New Shift Strategy to Keep From Sluggish Shifting
    • Earlier Downshift with Less Throttle Input
    • Torque Management

      How to tell the difference in auto transmissions

      • 68RFE - Transmission pan looks like a turtle shell. The dipstick is on the passenger side of the engine bay.
      • Aisin - Transmission pan is flat and says Aisin on the side of it. The dipstick is on the driver side of the engine bay.
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