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EFI Live

2011 - 2016 LGH Duramax | EFI Live

2011 - 2016 LGH Duramax | EFI Live

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Tune File Option
Select Device and License
**If you purchased a license ONLY for $125, you are confirming that you already have a flash device (autocal or flashcan). If you do not know what either of those are you need to select the autocal option to flash your truck.
    • Preloaded Device
    • OFF Road (egr/dpf fix) Tuning Capable
    • Increase in Mileage
    • Increase in Horsepower
    • Increase in Torque

    Compatible with:

    • 2011 - 2016 LGH Duramax
    • LGH Express Vans
    • LGH Cutaway

    Tune Power Levels

    • Stock Power
    • 30HP (Heavy Tow)
    • 80HP (Light Tow -12k Lbs and under)
    • 120HP
    • 150HP (Lift Pump Required)
    • 180HP (Lift Pump Required)
    • 200HP (Lift Pump Required)
    Transmission Tuning Features: 
    • Earlier Converter Lockup
    • Increased Line Pressure
    • New Shift Strategy to Keep From Sluggish Shifting
    • Earlier Downshift with Less Throttle input
    • Torque Management

    How to get authentication code and serial number for license

    • CLICK HERE for instructions off of EFI Live's website
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