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HP Tuners

2017 - 2023 L5P Duramax 2500 3500 | Pickup and Cab Chassis | HP Tuners

2017 - 2023 L5P Duramax 2500 3500 | Pickup and Cab Chassis | HP Tuners

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We've revamped our tune file processing system! After you place your order, you'll receive an order confirmation email that includes a tune form to fill out out your vehicle. You can also view this at the top of the website. This helps us get all your tuning information in one place to process it quickly.

Introducing the HP Tuners for 2017 - 2023 L5P Duramax 2500 3500 | Pickup and Cab Chassis! Get ready to take your truck's performance and reliability to the next level with this cutting-edge tuning solution designed specifically for the L5P Duramax engine.

With HP Tuners, you can unlock the true potential of your truck by optimizing its performance and achieving remarkable results. Experience an increase in mileage, horsepower, and torque, giving you the power and efficiency you need for any task.

Say goodbye to stock power limitations and hello to enhanced performance. With HP Tuners, you can access a range of tune power levels, allowing you to customize your truck's performance to suit your needs. From heavy towing to light towing, and even switchable tuning power levels, you can easily adjust your truck's performance for maximum power and efficiency.

Experience the power of customization with HP Tuners. Choose from power levels ranging from 0 to 200HP, giving you complete control over your truck's performance. Whether you're looking for a mild boost or a significant power increase, HP Tuners has you covered.


The Benefits of Tuning:

  • Increase in Mileage
  • Increase in Horsepower
  • Increase in Torque

Any single tune can be configured to use any DSP5 Power Level.  DSP5 Tuning is five power levels bundled into one switch on the fly tune where the driver has the ability to select the power level they desire with the ease of their steering wheel cruise controls.  To change the predetermined mapping simply hold down the cruise cancel button for a few seconds turning off the cruise control and toggle the cruise control toggle (resume/increase speed) up or down to change your power level, up increases and down decreases.  The glow plug indicator will blink the amount of times for the power level you are in.  One flash correlates to the lowest power level and five flashes to the highest power level and zero flashes means you are in your stock power level.

DSP5 Switchable Tuning Power Levels:

  • 30HP (Heavy Tow)
  • 80HP (Light Tow - 12K Lbs and under)
  • 120HP
  • 160HP
  • 200HP

    The Benefits of Transmission Tuning:

    • Earlier Converter Lockup
    • Increased Line Pressure
    • New Shift Strategy to Keep from Sluggish Shifting
    • Earlier Downshift with Less Throttle Input
    • Torque Management



    • All vehicles and transmissions require a Windows based computer for the flashing of your vehicle or transmission with your tuning option.
    • Vehicle tuning requires an unlocked ECM for flashing of tuning.
    • Transmission tuning requires a TCM Exchange. 
    • ECM or TCM tuning require an HP MPVI Device + Licensing for deployment, MPVI must be an MPVI2+ w/Pro Feature Set or an MPVI3 device.
    • For ECM or TCM Exchange core refunds the core(s) must be received and inspected before refunded.  Cores with bent pins, missing pins or broken connector will not be accepted and refundable core fee(s) will be forfeited.  
    • ECM upgrade/unlock kit requires an MPVI2+ w/Pro Feature Set or an MPVI3 device.
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