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2020 - 2023 L5P T93 TCM Tuning | HP Tuners

2020 - 2023 L5P T93 TCM Tuning | HP Tuners

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Transmission Tuning & TCM Unlock (T93) 10L1000



  • Increased transmission line pressure
  • Revised shift schedule
  • Improved shift timing
  • Re-designed torque converter lock-up strategy
  • Allows power transfer from the engine to the wheels more efficiently
  • Allows transmission to handle the larger earlier torque curve that can be delivered by the L5P


  • Unlocked / Modified T93 TCM
  • 4 HPT credits
  • MPVI Flash Device


  • All vehicle and transmission tuning require an HP MPVI Device + Licensing for deployment.
  • A Windows based computer is needed to flash the tuning into your vehicle/transmission.


The factory TCM tuning from GM in the T93 leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to proper shift control and torque converter lockup (TCC –L/U). The programming, combined with a weak 7/8/9/10 clutch pack and overdrive drum arrangement leave this transmission vulnerable during loaded scerios and when power had been increased. Factory 10 speed trucks under full throttle from a stop shift in the order of 2/3/4/5th - TCC lockup/6th TCC lockup/7th TCC lockup/8th TCC lockup/9th TCC lockup/10th TCC lockup. This shift pattern arrangement makes for an uncomfortable pattern and shift control that users coming from a 6 speed Allisons do not perfer.

Additionally towing in the mountains or at grade GM has conventionally used a poor TCC and downshift scheduling. We find many users including ourselves have needed to place the truck in manual mode to be able to control engine breaking speeds and make the ride more enjoyable when loads are approaching max GVWR.

Furthermore the factory 10 speed operates with partial EEMC (partial lockup) of the TCC clutch nearly all the time. This is used by GM to make on and off throttle transitions more comfortable. We have found, after testing that we will be removing most of this partial EECM anytime the truck is under load to keep TCC slip down and efficiency up. There are no downsides to this. In fact most of the Transmission failures we have seen have been from torque converter failure.

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