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2022 6.7L Powerstroke F250 F350 F450 | Bench Flash

2022 6.7L Powerstroke F250 F350 F450 | Bench Flash

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Tune Option
Device & Credits for Trans Tune
Factory Tool rental with computer

A streamlined process for the 2022 Powerstroke is finally here after testing for the past year, and refining the process with 36k miles on my personal truck with no issues.

The 2022 powerstroke was difficult to streamline as the 22 pcm was encrypted. Early on we found out that the 20-21 pcm was the same exact pcm, just not encryption.

The tuning is done with a 20-21 PCM swap (similar to how the L5Ps were/are done). After we are done, it still retains all the factory functions, features, etc. YES, it even retains the remote start.

what is included?

  • 21 PCM
  • Tune

What additionally is needed to make it all work?

  • FDRS
  • Forscan

What If I don't have these programs?

  • We offer a rental program with a laptop, factory style tool, and can teamviewer in to do it all for you. This includes a core charge, and rental fee.
  • Rental Must be scheduled with us due to demand.
  • Rental is $250 and core charge fee is $500 = $750 total
  • Overnight return label is provided

Tune levels available:

  • 30HP
  • 60HP
  • 80HP
  • 100HP
  • 130HP
  • 150HP

Do you offer switchable tuning?

  • We offer driver demand switchable tuning, like we do on the 2020-2021 trucks. This allows you to have a 30/60HP tune level in normal drive mode (and tow haul), when you hit the driver demand button (tow/haul button) over to sand mode, it turns it up to 150hp

Transmission Tuning:

  • Transmission Tuning is done through HP Tuners, and is highly recommended.
  • Eliminates clunky factory shifting (especially the hard shift into 2nd in tow/haul mode)
  • Updated shift strategies including converter lockup, firmer shifting, skip shift in 2nd in tow/haul mode under certain conditions, etc.
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